With the explosion of the internet and social media platforms in the last ten years, it is easier then ever to stay connected and share.  Though often the black-sheep of the largemouth  bass fishing industry, Swimbaiters have slowly but surely clawed their way from the shadowy depths to the island tops and become some of the most recognizable figures for their ability to consistently catch trophy largemouth bass.   There have been plenty of faces pop up for their 15 seconds of shine since the beginning, but who has been the most influential swimbaiter of the past decade or more?   Is it Butch Brown and the insane Cast to Catch videos?   Matt Peters and the eye opening Southern Trout Eaters video?  Steve Kennedy and his record breaking Bassmaster's win at Clearlake?  Or is it an OG like Allan Cole, Paul Duclos or Dana Rosen? What about the new guys Oliver Ngy or Brandon Palaniuk tearing it up on instagram and Facebook? You could argue it a thousand different ways but let us know who you think it is by voting below. 

Who is the most influential Swimbait Angler of the past decade?
Matt Allen
Bailey Brothers
Rob Belloni
Butch Brown
Joe Bruce
Allan Cole
Paul Duclos
Danny Gillespie
Steve Kennedy
Manuba Kurita
Mike Long
Don Moorman
Matt Newman
Oliver Ngy
Steve Pagliughi
Brandon Palaniuk
Matt Peters
Nico Raffo
Jerry Rago
Dana Rosen
Greg Ross
Bill Siemantel
Thigpen Brothers
Byron Velvick
"Fish Chris" Wolfgram
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