In the hands of some skilled anglers, swimbaits have assisted in catching some monstrous bass! What's your favorite swimbait of all time?  Is it the 22nd Century Triple Trout? The 8" Huddleston Deluxe? Or is it something newer like the Deps 250 or Hinkle Shad? Vote now below and share!   For more info on the history of big baits, go to and dive in.

What is your favorite swimbait of all time?
A.C Plug
Deps 250
Wood Lunker Punker
8" Huddleston Deluxe
MS Slammer
Castaic Trout
10" Triple Trout
Mattlures Hardgill
High Powered Herring
Baitsmith Magnum
3:16 Wake Jr
Original Rago Rat
Hinkle Shad
9" Stocker Trout
6" Bullshad
Nates Baits 11" Trout
Castaic Hard Trout
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